On October 21, a meeting was held with the educational program “Business Management”. Participants of the mentoring program of the project “Introduction of lifelong education in the field of entrepreneurship in rural areas through hybrid learning formats” discussed the results of the second stage of the implementation of the mentoring support program. A number of participants have already submitted their business projects to funding competitions (ANTRIM (National Inbound Tourism Association of Moldova), LEADER grant competition, GCIP (Global Cleantech Innovation Programme), Executive Committee of ATU Gagauzia and ODA (Programul de Ecologizare a Întreprinderilor Mici și Mijlocii).

!!!4 applications approved for funding!!!

The participants of the program emphasized the uniqueness and practical orientation of the program, the opportunity to additionally view modules on the MOODLE platform and receive individual support. Most of the participants received skills in marketing research and promotion in social networks, quality assistance in the field of accounting and financial planning, website development, chat bots, etc. Ms. Tatiana Doncheva, Director of the RDA ATU Gagauzia, who was present at the meeting, noted the high level of this program and wished the participants successful implementation of the developed projects.

This project is financed by the National Fund for Regional and Local Development, implemented by the “Institute for Regional Economic Development” in partnership with the Comrat State University within the framework of the program, and the Regional Development Agency of ATU Gagauzia. The overall goal of the project is to develop and disseminate the practice of lifelong learning on entrepreneurship in rural areas of ATU Gagauzia through hybrid learning formats.